Mommy Waffles

Recently I had the opportunity to dream up a new Sunday morning tradition for me and the boy. In the past, Sunday morning meant that I would serve as sous chef and make coffee while his dad whipped up Daddy pancakes and an egg scramble. Now that his dad and I don’t live together anymore, we needed a new tradition — for just the two of us. Thus, Mommy Waffles were born.

Since the boy considers chocolate a food group, I will admit that Mommy Waffles are a little decadent. They’re a splurge, a treat. But you will be happy to know they are super easy to whip up. First, you start with my secret ingredient:


I know there are some people who insist on making everything from scratch. If you are one of those people, god bless you and feel free to use your favorite waffle recipe. As for me, I find the waffle directions on the side of the Bisquick box turn out consistently good results. I picked up a Belgian waffle maker somewhere along the way and, if you are going to make waffles, why not make large, puffy waffles? While my waffle is cooking, I heat up equal parts chocolate syrup and maple syrup and get out the powdered sugar. (Yep, everything is better with powdered sugar.)

After a quick transfer of the waffle to a plate, I drizzle with the warm syrup and dust ever-so-gently with powdered sugar. The end result is something to behold…


The boy has declared them the “best waffles ever!” (Sugar is the key to a young boy’s heart, indeed.) If you think these are too decadent for breakfast, cut them into quarters and serve them as a dessert for brinner or brunch. Everyone will think you slaved away to make something extra special. Just hide the Bisquick box. 😉

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