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Bacon-Wrapped Peppered Sirloin

We have been enjoying some blissfully cool-for-August temperatures lately and this weather gift has inspired me to heat up the old Green Egg after a long hiatus. I am still adjusting back to post-vacation life, aka feeling a little lazy.  (I tell my son that vacation wouldn’t be special if we had it all the time. I so lie to that boy.) Anyway, I was looking for something pretty simple to ease my way back into real life.

I had some lovely jalapeno bacon in the freezer from a trip awhile back to Hirsch’s Specialty Meats. I wasn’t sure what I was making but I was pretty darn sure it would be wrapped with jalapeno bacon. I used this magnificent pork product to make one of my favorite dishes so far on the smoker and I think I may be addicted. I actually found out about it through Artizone, a grocery site that sources artisan food products. They have delivery in the Dallas and Chicago areas but also nationwide shipping for those of you in other parts of the U.S. They did not pay me to say that; I just love them.

So, I went to the store with the idea that I would be buying 2 lbs of something that just looked like it should be wrapped in awesome bacon. Since I am averse to most forms of chicken, I scoped out the pork and beef sections and laid my eyes on these sweet things…


I usually avoid anything that has been pre-seasoned but these just had a bunch of cracked pepper on the sides and I love pepper. In the basket they went. I won’t preach to you about portions… okay, I’m gonna preach here a bit. It’ll be quick. Two pounds of meat equals eight weeknight servings in my house. We load the rest of our plates with veggies. (Weekends are a different story. Oh, and vacations — just ask my scale.) So I cut my four sirloins in half. Then I proceeded to wrap them in the bacon and secure with half a toothpick each.


I threw them on my 350-degree grill on indirect heat, which I chose to avoid bacon fat flare-ups.


I grilled them over indirect heat for about four minutes on each side and then finished them up over direct heat (400 degrees or so) for about two minutes per side. They looked something like this when I was done…


Dinner was served, y’all — and I barely broke a sweat.


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Pizza! Pizza!

So, I mentioned in my last post that I tried out Artizone for some key ingredients this week. They deliver local, yummy ingredients right to your door. I clapped my hands in happiness when I saw them pull up in front of my house…

Artizone is currently operating in Dallas and Chicago but will soon be able to ship nationwide.

In addition to the lovely ribs, I had them send me some pizza fixins: fresh mozzarella from The Mozzarella Company, pepperoni from Hirsch’s Specialty Meats, and pasta/pizza sauce from Gorji Gourmet Foods.

In our house, my hubby (we’ll just start calling him Doug) is in charge of most of the bread/pasta/dough making, as he has loads more patience and precision in his cooking. So, he was the official pizza dough maker for this little experiment. He used this recipe he found online but I do think we will be experimenting with others. (If you have a favorite pizza dough recipe for the grill, please share.) I focused on revving my Green Egg up to about 600 degrees, placesetter legs down. I used the grate to support my pizza stone.

Woo-hoo, that’s hot!

I used the excellent feedback from Jason at Griffin’s Grub to build our pies on parchment, trimmed to fit our pizza stone for easy transfer to the grill.

This was the pepperoni version, pre-grillin

Then, we just slid the parchment out after a bit (like that old tablecloth trick) to crisp up the bottom. I wasn’t precisely timing everything but, as I recollect, we let the pizza be with the lid closed for about 8 minutes, removed the parchment, and then left it on for another 3 minutes or so. (Mostly we just eyeballed it and pulled it off when it looked melted and crispy and so yummy we couldn’t stand it anymore.) We did two versions – one with pepperoni and one with sun-dried tomatoes – and they were both quite to our liking.

Nice and crispy!

One important thing I learned: I had smoked those lovely ribs that night before and there were some coals left, so I just built on top. As a result, the pizzas had a bit of apple wood smokiness to them. We didn’t really mind and, in fact, I might choose toppings in the future that would play off the smokiness – but good to remember to clean and fully reset the coals for non-smoky pizza.

Coming up: News about an award (!!!) and a little story about four travelers, a famous Italian butcher, and the biggest darn steak you’ve ever seen.
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