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I Would Like to Thank the Academy…

No, I didn’t win an Oscar. It was an honor just to be nominated… for the Illuminating Blogger Award! 🙂 Thanks to for checking out my little BBQ blog so early on and offering a bit of encouragement.

As part of my nomination, I have been asked to share a little known fact about myself. I will share two:

– I did not eat ketchup (at all) until my early twenties. Onion rings opened my eyes to its awesomeness.

– I rarely eat chicken since my pregnancy lo these many years ago. And I can’t tell people I am allergic — no one is allergic to chicken.

Now, for five blogs I love to read (drumroll, please…) Always fun to see what Jake, international man of mystery and gourmand, is up to. Because she is FAB-u-lous! My first food blog addiction and still my fave One of my BGE mentors, always cooking up something yum Because YW Dallas does such great work helping women who need a little help

Next up: That story I promised about a famous Italian butcher and the biggest darn steak you’ve ever seen…

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