TGIM: Easy Whisky Cocktail

I’ve been meaning to share my go-to cocktail and, if your life has been anything like mine lately and/or if you have lovely patio weather right now like we do here in Texas, a go-to cocktail is what you need!

I have to admit I was slow to get on the whisky bandwagon but I gradually found myself drinking whisky more in the winter (ah, can’t beat a hot toddy) and then, one day when I was out of rum for this super simple drink combo, I reached for some Canadian Club. After a few sips (and maybe several more), I decided I actually preferred whisky. All this to say that if you are not a whisky drinker, you should still give this a shot. It is light and refreshing and not too sweet. (Hint: The key is good ginger ale.)

Easy Whisky Cocktail

Fill a lowball glass with crushed or cube ice and pour in 2 oz. of whisky (I like Canadian Club or Maker’s Mark.) Top off with Reed’s Ginger Ale and squeeze in 1/4 of a large lime. Stir gently and commence to sippin!

Whisky Cocktail

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