I once referenced Brinner when writing about that lovely, Elvis-inspired breakfast we had in Portland, OR this summer. It seemed like the perfect type of dish for one of our favorite family traditions — breakfast for dinner (aka Brinner!) I think a lot of people enjoy eating eggs and bacon or pancakes every once in awhile for dinner… and some of us get a little fanatical about it. I submit to you Exhibit A from one of our favorite shows:

Sometimes we go all out for Brinner (we have been known to whip up some maple ice cream with chocolate-covered bacon) and sometimes we are just looking for a simple, satisfying break from the usual. After what has seemed like an endless week of holiday eating, Brinner was sounding mighty appealing. We received some venison breakfast sausage from a family member as part of a gift pack of goodies from his ranch. This seemed the time to give it a spin so we sliced it up and put it in the skillet…

Venison Sausage

And then the hubby whipped up some of Alton Brown’s pancakes and we were all set for a quick Brinner.


We’ll consider this Part I in the Brinner series — more ideas and recipes to follow, y’all!

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3 thoughts on “Brinner

  1. I’m all over this. Mmmm!

    • Brinner is the best. Will definitely share some more elaborate versions of it soon. 🙂 Thanks, Adam and happy new year!

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