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Hey sweeties,

Well, I would love to tell you that I have been cookin’ up a storm since my last (long ago) post but… sometimes life kicks you in the @$$. And then, while you are laying there, it kicks you a few times more for good measure. I ¬†am enough of a Buddhist to get that I must endure this all and somehow come out a better person.

If you have ever been in a tough life situation, then you understand. I can assure that I will make some amazing lemonade from these lemons. Look for a recipe shortly. It will definitely involve vodka.

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Preview: What’s On The Grill This Week

I’m going to give you some lovely recipes and ideas this week. In fact, I will be sharing all of the stuff you see on this plate:


Everything is delicioso and healthy — and that is what they call a win-win, my friends. My plan was to start sharing today… but today was the day that my karma caught up with me. Or, at least one piece of it. (I hope I can outrun the rest.) When people — my near and dear, co-workers, etc — have historically complained about allergies or allergy season, I may (just maybe might have) said (somewhat smugly) something like, “Oh, I don’t get allergies.” If you know your Greek and Roman mythology, then you know they call that hubris. I was just askin’ for it.

So, after three nights of very little sleep and much coughing, I have my first ever prescription to treat asthma. I’ll get my asthmatic self to writing up these recipes to share starting tomorrow. Sit tight, y’all.

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