Can you feel the love?

It’s always nice when another blogger thinks enough of your blog that they nominate you for an award. Corrina over at Cooking with Corinna has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. (Thank you, Corinna!) As part of that, I get to share some info and a few of my favorite blogs with y’all. So in pay-it-forward  fashion, here we go…

Share 7 things about yourself.

  • My favorite cocktail? The hubby’s margarita
  • My favorite wine? Whatever you are serving
  • My favorite beer? A cold one
  • The best thing I have cooked on my Egg? Gotta be this turkey breast
  • What I did on Saturday: Went to my first ever blogging conference
  • What I learned: There are a lot of cool and funny lady bloggers out there
  • Where I want to go on vacation: Lima, Peru

Pass the award onto 15 nominees.

Fifteen? Wow. I have mentioned several before so let me highlight a few I just found:

That’s almost fifteen, right? 😉 Just a few of the inspirational women I met this weekend.

I’ll be back soon (promise) with some full-on BBQ to share — sit tight!

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