Crostini (aka Grilled Baguette) with White Bean Dip

With family coming over this weekend, I had in mind that I would grill the whole meal on my Green Egg. I figured I should start with something easy yet fairly substantial so folks wouldn’t mind waiting for the rest of the dinner to be ready. During some intense cookbook-reading sessions recently, I ran across a few recipes for grilled bread with various toppings. Most common was bruschetta — one of my favorites — but my problem was that two of my guests were not big tomato fans. (I know — should be illegal, I agree.) So I decided to go with one of my favorite, easy toppings — white bean dip. Here are the oh-so-simple directions…

For your bean dip, start with a can of cannelini or other white beans. Drain and rinse them and throw them in a food processor. Now comes the creative part. You can add olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, a squeeze of lemon, garlic, sauteed onions, smoke paprika, roasted red peppers, or some combo of the above. I still have some burger starter lurking in my fridge, so I added that.

Crostini with White Bean Dip

Whirl it all up until smooth and creamy and then taste it. If it seems like it needs something else, tinker around until you like it. Then scoop it into a storage container and throw it in the fridge to sit a bit.

Slice your crusty baguette on the bias into pieces.Brush or spray the slices with a bit of olive oil. Make sure your grill is around 350 or 400 degrees F. Carefully put the slices down.

Crostini with White Bean Dip

Don’t close the lid or walk away or start a long story — that bread will be ready in about two minutes. And, if you don’t babysit it, you will get too much char. (You might see a few extra-crispy examples below — I speak from experience.) Throw your lovely, hot crostini in a bread basket and serve with the white bean dip.

Crostini with White Bean Dip

Be sure to snag one before you go back to the grill ’cause they might all be gone when you get back.

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3 thoughts on “Crostini (aka Grilled Baguette) with White Bean Dip

  1. Looks simple but satisfying. A great appetizer (or ap-a-teaser, as we sometimes call them)

  2. Thank you, sir!

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