Preview: What’s On The Grill This Week

I’m going to give you some lovely recipes and ideas this week. In fact, I will be sharing all of the stuff you see on this plate:


Everything is delicioso and healthy — and that is what they call a win-win, my friends. My plan was to start sharing today… but today was the day that my karma caught up with me. Or, at least one piece of it. (I hope I can outrun the rest.) When people — my near and dear, co-workers, etc — have historically complained about allergies or allergy season, I may (just maybe might have) said (somewhat smugly) something like, “Oh, I don’t get allergies.” If you know your Greek and Roman mythology, then you know they call that hubris. I was just askin’ for it.

So, after three nights of very little sleep and much coughing, I have my first ever prescription to treat asthma. I’ll get my asthmatic self to writing up these recipes to share starting tomorrow. Sit tight, y’all.

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4 thoughts on “Preview: What’s On The Grill This Week

  1. When I first started reading I thought you were going to blame your co-workers for getting you sick. Whew, it’s just karma. Feel better soon.

  2. Hope you get to feelin’ better soon. I had allergies (food ones) as a kid, but outgrew them. In the last few years, they’ve started to return, not food ones, but from stuff in the air (I think). Take care of yourself.

  3. Thanks, Jason! Just grateful they are not food allergies… that would be way worse. 😉

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