Inspiration: Elvis Sighting

I spent the past week eating some fine food in Portland, OR. We visited old friends who had just moved to the city with the thought that it would be a nice break from the heat here in Texas. (Of course, it turned cool and rainy here while Portland experienced record heat our first few days there. D’oh!) We had a great visit and ate great food at bowling alleys, local burger chains, and pretty much everywhere else. Talk about a foodie town.

Our regular breakfast haunt was The Original in downtown Portland. I would like to say that I booked us into the adjoining Marriott Courtyard based on the knowledge that we would love The Original — the reality is that we just lucked out.

Our friends tell us their lunch and dinner menu is awesome but we only ate breakfast there… four times. There aren’t many places where I could eat breakfast four times in five days. The menu was incredibly diverse and unique and we didn’t meet a dish we didn’t like. Still, one stood out above the rest: the Elvis Sighting. No doubt the King would be proud of this combination of french toast, bacon, bananas, banana mousse, and peanut butter sauce.

The hubby was the one smart enough to order this gem but he did let me have a bite. The peanut butter sauce was drizzled on top in the perfect amount — just enough to satisfy but not overwhelm. We’ll probably try our hand at recreating it for Brinner sometime soon. If you have an Elvis-inspired dish, please share. In the meantime, I leave you with a few tunes from the King himself…

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