TGIF: Principessa Perlante

When the hubby and I were first married, we went to a wine tasting dinner that started with Principessa Perlante — a fruity and crisp white with a slight effervescence.  We found out later that the bit of fizz  was due to storage at low temperatures. It is somewhere between a regular white and a champagne or prosecco… which fits the bill perfectly if you are experiencing late summer heat. Here is what the label looks like:

Principessa Perlante

For us, it is a treat day wine (not special occasion, not everyday) due to it’s usual retail price around $18.99. When we are feeling more fiscal-minded, we pick up the slightly cheaper Principessa Gavia Gavi. I highly recommend you give either a try but the Perlante is something special.

Check out this cool stemless wine glass I used:

You can see that we had made fast work of the bottle before I decided to take this shot.

I stopped by Pier 1 the other day and they were clearing out their summer stuff. I picked up this and some pretty plates at a steal. (Great note for my food blogger friends who are tired of shooting their food on the same plates over and over.) I will leave you to your weekend with this happy image… TGIF, y’all!

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