Pork Ribs: Take One

I almost titled this one “How much for just one rib?” in honor of that classic, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. But, I didn’t want to be misleading – I cooked up a whole mess of ribs. I had a bit of luck working in my favor – Artizone.com had given me a lovely gift card for some feedback on their website and I knew they delivered Hirsch’s Specialty Meats. Right to the door, baby! (Although, as I later learned, Hirsch’s is not very far from my front door at all.) I’ll talk a little bit more about my love for Artizone in my next post but, let me tell you, those were some beeyoutiful ribs! So, all my quality ingredients needed was a tried and true recipe. Fortunately, I already had Clint Tenney’s ribs recipe sitting in my inbox, just waiting for me to take it for a spin…

Clint’s Famous Ribs

  • Wash ribs…take off the membrane on the backside of ribs
  • Smother ribs in yellow mustard and apply your choice of rub (BBQueen: I used Stubb’s Pork Rub)

It was kind of fun slathering ’em up. I used both plain yellow and spicy brown mustard.

  • Cover ribs in saran wrap and let them sit overnight in the fridge
  • Soak  two big handfuls of Apple and Cherry wood overnight in apple juice (BBQueen: I used Applewood only and soaked for 45 minutes)
  • Take your smoker to 225 degrees for the entire cook (BBQueen: Sounds easy, right? I wrestled with my BGE for an hour trying to stick the temp at 225. I may have cursed at it a few times but only my dog was there to hear and she’s not tellin.)
  • Place a drip pan with water or apple juice underneath the ribs
  • First hour…just let ‘em be
  • Second & Third hour – spritz with apple juice every 30 minutes
  • Fourth Hour – apply your favorite sauce (BBQueen: I used Stubb’s Smokey Mesquite)
  • Cook for 4 ½ hours total
  • You can also foil your ribs at hour #3 and place back in the smoker for an hour before saucing… this makes them very tender and I typically apply a brown sugar, honey and butter sauce that goes in the foil. (BBQueen: I skipped this part, as my friend Jason had shown up with some cold beer and I commenced drinking it.)

I’m pleased to show you what I saw at the end of those 4 ½ hours, my friends:

It took a lot of willpower to snap this shot before we dug in…

And they tasted just as good as they looked. I do think I may try Clint’s tip about tenting with foil and/or cooking them lower and slower next time for even more smoky tenderness. Well, I would stay and chat but I gotta go heat me up a rib or two before bed…

Up next: Pizza! Pizza!

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3 thoughts on “Pork Ribs: Take One

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  2. Some good looking ribs. A bit of advice if you like. No reason to soak your chips when using the Egg. There is so little air moving through that they won’t flare up. I used to soak pre-BGE days, but no more. Second, 225 (or lower) is hard to hold on an Egg manually. They seem to like to cruise at 250 better. Which isn’t really a bad thing, because 250 dome is usaully 225 at the grate level. I actually do my ribs, brisket and pork butts at 275 (if I even look at the dome thermometer). Usually I have a temperature probe at the grate level that I go by and I try to keep that at 250. Loving your blog.

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