Gettin’ Started!

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So, you may be wondering what Zen (a school of Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition) and BBQ (low and slow, baby) have in common…

A couple of years ago, a friend (shout out to you, Anthony!) sent me a great book. Some might call it a cookbook but I think it is far more than that. If you love BBQ and have not read Legends of Texas Barbecue by Robb Walsh, you need to buy it now. Especially if you are a Texan or know a Texan or even just like Texas. (Ironically, my copy came to me from NYC.) Aside from his fabulous recipes and great introduction to the basics, Walsh gives you plenty of history and pit boss secrets, plus some dish on the constant debate about what real Texas BBQ is all about.

I am a Texan and reading this cookbook was like a cross between a family reunion and a tent revival. Still, the further I got into the recipes, the more I kept thinking, “Man, you have to have a lot of patience to BBQ.” Gentle reader, I am not known for my patience. I am a damn fine cook but just ask my husband what it is like to watch me bake a cake. (Who has time to measure every little ingredient?) But, while reading a recipe for beef ribs, a little light bulb went off… I realized BBQ might be the perfect kind of meditation for me. Process + patience = some awesome food. I like that equation.

I will be posting recipes, tips, what-not-to-do’s, and excellent BBQ meals — so come on back for seconds anytime! Can one achieve inner peace and the perfect brisket? Let’s find out…

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2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Started!

  1. I have that book. Great read. You actually reminded me I need to get it back from a buddy I lent it to. I think you have to have inner peace to get that perfect brisket….of course a coupla cold beers will help that a bit.

  2. Griffin — I have no doubt that cold beer will be involved. 🙂 Thanks for being my first ever commenter!

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